Sterling Testing Laboratory
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FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer)
FTIR Scan, Including Sample Preparation and Analysis by Computer Library
Dynamic Study on Reactivites of Polyol or Chain Extender with Isocyanate by FTIR
VPO (Vapor Pressure Osmometry)
Determination of Molecular Weight by VPO Method (ASTM D3592)
Karl Fisher Moisturemeter
Determination of Water Content by Karl Fisher Method in Most Solid or Liquid
  Organic and Inorganic Compounds (ASTM E203), and in Polyols (ASTM D2849)
Open Cell Content Test by Air Pycnometer
Determination of Open Cell Content of Rigid Foam by Air Pycnometer
  (ASTM D2856)
Determination of NCO%
Determination of NCO% in Urethane Materials or Prepolymers (ASTM D2572)