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  Sterling Testing Laboratory
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Brookfield Viscometer (-20~200°C)
Viscosities in Polyols (ASTM D2849), in Isocyanates (ASTM D1638) and
  in Epoxy Resins (ASTM D2393)
Apparent Density of Rigid Cellular Plastics (ASTM D1622)
Shore Hardness
Durometer Hardness (ASTM D2240)
Bashore Resillometer
Resilience (Bashore Rebound) of Elastomers (ASTM D2632)
Friability Tester
Friability Testing of Rigid Foam (ASTM C421)
Stability Testing
Dimensional Stability at Specified Temperature and Humid of Rigid Foam
  (ASTM D2126), Flexible Foam (ASTM, Test K and D3575), and Nonrigid Thermoplastics (ASTM D1204)
Stem Autoclave Aging of Flexible Foam (ASTM D3574, Test J)
Hydrolytic Stability of Rubber (ASTM D3137)
UV and Water-Exposure Experiment (ASTM G53)